Part 2-Olive Oil Harvest & Pressing, La Spremitura delle Olive

As I was strolling down the hill from Residence San Rocco to meet Nicoletta for dinner, lovely Signora Graziella Manestrini was walking up, carrying a heavy pot wrapped in a red and white checked kitchen towel.  She had just brought a piping hot dinner down to her husband Signor Manestrini who had been at the frantoio (olive mill) since 7:00 am.   And during the “pressing” time of year, he doesn’t leave there until after 11:00pm! But it seems like […]

Olive Oil Harvest & Pressing-La Spremitura Delle Olive (Part 1)

The drive from Verona was picturesque and traveling up the road to Residence San Rocco, I heard a gentle buzzing noise – louder than an airplane but quieter than a lawn mower. I got out of my (very fun) rental car and smack dab in the middle of the olive grove, I saw the first step in what I had traveled to Italy to see  – the harvesting and pressing of olive oil at Frantoio Manestrini. The adventure was about […]

Cooking with Diva in Montepulciano

It was like a top secret mission – we were told to be at Sant’Agnese, the 14th century church located outside the ancient walls of Montepulciano at 5:30 pm and a driver would meet us. When we arrived at the church a man was standing there.  He glanced furtively at us and after a few minutes he quietly asked us if we were waiting for a ride.  I nodded yes and as I turned away, I noticed a couple walking […]