Group in Prosecco Vineyard

Postcards from Prosecco Tour 2016

Mother Nature is a strange bird – one year ago the grape harvest was in full swing for our Prosecco Tour. This year, the long hot summer delayed the harvest a week which the experts say will make for an excellent Prosecco year. Seeing the vines full and heavy with juicy grapes ripening in the glorious Italian sunshine is truly a sight to behold. Listening to the magnificent voice Andrea Bocelli under the stars in the famous piazza in Marostica, cruising the […]

Biscotti al Limoncello (Limoncello Cookies)

A meal is not complete in Italy without drinking a “digestivo”, or an after dinner drink at the end of the meal. A good Grappa, Amaro, Sambuca or Limoncello sipped after dinner is thought to help one’s food digest and settle the stomach. Everyone has their favorite and Limoncello, a lemon liqueur produced mainly in the south of Italy especially around the Amalfi Coast, is best served cold. (I’m all for another drink, especially when it’s said to be medicinal.) I […]

Essentials of Classic Italian Cooking

A Cookbook Club And Marcella Hazan’s Essentials of Italian Cooking

I’m not a book club person. Not for any particular reason.  I enjoy reading, but just don’t like discussing a book for more than about 20 seconds. However… a cookbook club? Now we’re talking, since cookbooks and recipes I can discuss ad nauseum. My friend Roseann, an amazing cook, is always planning parties and events.  She was the just the person to help put this together. With a little online research and a few phone calls and emails, Corks & Forks […]