Pomegranate Cake

Torta alla Melagrana (Pomegranate Cake)

A few months ago, Monica sent me a bunch of Italian cooking magazines from 15+ years ago that her mom had lying around. They all had such beautiful pictures and I don’t care what anyone says, the photo is what entices me to make something, especially a recipe I’ve never made, nor seen before and most certainly when said recipe is in another language. And with several photos of step by step instructions included, that was another plus. Since pomegranates are the new super […]

Ciambella all’Arancia (Orange Scented Olive Oil Cake)

As much as I love to cook, there’s something about baking that makes my heart sing. Maybe it’s the warming scent of hot dough in the oven that I find so comforting. Perhaps it’s that with baking there’s always plenty for everyone and I enjoy sharing and feeding others. Possibly it’s because I’m a numbers person and like exact measurements.  (Although it’s probably just all the sugar that makes my heart beat faster.) Whatever the reasons, baking just makes me happy. […]

Pumpkin Tiramisu

Pumpkin Tiramisu (Tiramisù di Zucca)

  Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday because it’s all about food. Wait, okay…I take that back – it’s about giving thanks FOR the food. And family. And health. And anything else that makes your heart swell on this truly American holiday. We eat and drink…that’s it! No gifts, no religion. I love cooking the meal and since I’ve been doing it for so many years and they (aka my family) won’t let me change anything, everything runs very smoothly (other […]