Group in Prosecco Vineyard

Postcards from Prosecco Tour 2016

Mother Nature is a strange bird – one year ago the grape harvest was in full swing for our Prosecco Tour. This year, the long hot summer delayed the harvest a week which the experts say will make for an excellent Prosecco year. Seeing the vines full and heavy with juicy grapes ripening in the glorious Italian sunshine is truly a sight to behold. Listening to the magnificent voice Andrea Bocelli under the stars in the famous piazza in Marostica, cruising the […]

San Remo Cocktail

San Remo {The Cocktail} and a Simon Pearce Giveaway

Last summer, on a very hot and steamy July night, my daughter and I arrived a few minutes early for our reservation at Scarpetta on West 14th Street in New York. The restaurant had been on our list for quite a while but for some reason we just never quite got there. I was looking forward to being wowed by the meal and cocktails were the last thing on my mind (okay, that’s a bit of a lie-they’re always on […]


Postcards from Prosecco

From drinking Prosecco in the vineyards of Valdobbiadene to boating through the Venetian lagoon, we experienced it all.  Prosecco was the theme of our trip and included many glasses of the sparkling wine, but we also dug a little deeper into this extraordinary region, northwest of Venice. We had an absolutely fantastic group of people who experienced first hand some of the things that makes this corner of Italy so special. If you’re on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, you’ve seen a handful of our […]