Gelato at Pinguino Giallo

“Your cousin owns a gelato shop??!! Are you kidding me??? Of course I want to go!”, I  shrieked  (without hugging her too tightly) when Deborah invited me to Pinguino Giallo (Yellow Penguin) Gelateria in Gardone Riviera, a charming town on the western side of Lake Garda.

Owned by Deborah’s Aunt Silvia for the past 25 years and now run by her daughter Roberta, Pinguino Giallo makes homemade artisanal ice cream daily and several times a day at that.  The brand new gelato machine is constantly humming in the back of the shop.

Pinguino Giallo Gelateria

Sylvia and Roberta at Pinguino Giallo

Roberta uses fresh, high quality natural and organic ingredients and from as many local producers as possible – milk, cream, vanilla beans, eggs and fruit. Everything is carefully weighed, measured and added to the gelato machine which mixes and freezes and out comes the most amazing gelato.

Gelato ConesGelato Prices

With a choice of 10-15 incredible flavors made daily, I had to start somewhere. Since Frutti di Bosca (Wild Berry) was coming out of the machine, I had my spoon ready. Next was Strawberry (Fragole), Pistachio, Fior di Latte and Black Cherry (Amarena). A special flavor is Cedro, made from the fruit resembling a large lemon grown in the Lake Garda region. All in all, I tried seven different flavors and had fulfilled a childhood dream of being able to eat as much ice cream as I wanted.

Pistachio GelatoGelato with Hazelnuts

Right next door is Pinguino Giallo Bar (also owned the family) with an espresso machine going nonstop, panini and a full array of spirits and local wines.

Spirits and Aperatives Espresso Machine







And with free internet, there’s really no need to leave…ever.

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  2. silvia


    I was there in January!! I endured the cold and had a Nocciola and Stracciatella cone…. Sublime!

    • Laney

      That’s wonderful! And obviously only true gelato lovers brave the freezing January temperatures…

  3. Reply

    There is absolutely nothing, I repeat NOTHING better than artisanal gelato!!! It’s such a treat. I envy how you were able to sample all of those flavors! I’ve tried making it at home and it’s never as good. Just another excuse to take a trip to Italy for the real thing, right? 🙂

  4. Deborah



    As I am extremely greedy, I always eat 2 ,or more, ice – creams in my cousin’s gelateria !!!
    I can’t resist…..
    my favourite flavours are
    Cedro ( typical of Lake Garda )
    Fiordilatte so sweet
    Pistacchio : have you ever tried Pistacchio with a drizzle of Lake Garda Olive Oil?

    • Laney

      Next time I’ll try Pistacchio with LG olive oil…sounds very interesting…And thank you again for taking me on such a fabulous gelato adventure! We have lots more flavors to try…

  5. Monica Busatto

    Monica Busatto


    What great fun! Of course I have my favorite flavours like caffè, menta, liquirizia but I like sometimes to try new flavours even if I have never tried the new lavanda or sage ice-cream flavour. Have you? I think I’ll keep to more traditional ones.

    • Laney

      Lavendar and sage sound very interesting and I’d love to try them…but I’m with you-I tend to like more traditional flavors.

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