Cauliflower? Really?

   Cauliflower (cavolfiore in Italian) was one of those vegetables I ate but never liked. My mother cooked it only one way – steamed – which rendered it relatively tasteless and the kitchen smelling like…you know…  So I never made it for my family because they all professed to dislike it probably because the few times I made it for them it was steamed, tasteless and the house smelled. So imagine I bring a shopping bag full of terrific Ortensia Blu goodies to Marla […]

Milan Duomo – Duomo di Milano

Cue Barbara Streisand singing “On a Clear Day”…in Italian…and that’s what pops into my head while gazing out from the roof of the magnificent Duomo in Milan (although I seem to relate many things in life to a Broadway show tune but that’s a whole other story).  Every major Italian city and many smaller ones all have the obligatory Duomo or cathedral which are always ancient, historical, majestic and awe-inspiring.  I’m generalizing here, but they all seem to be at […]