Extra Virginity

No silly, it’s not about that! Extra Virginity, The Sublime and Scandalous World of Olive Oil by Tom Mueller is an eye opening book about the olive oil we buy and don’t think twice about.  We know that many foods have a lot of junk in them, but those are processed foods, manufactured by large soulless corporations trying to lure us all by slick advertising and delectable looking commercials-we’re very smart consumers. All you need to do is read the […]

Isola del Garda

Isola del Garda

In the middle of Lake Garda, there’s an island – actually, not surprisingly there are a number of islands but Isola del Garda is the largest and most spectacular one. Located off of the western shore near San Felice del Benaco, the only arrival mode of transportation is by boat. And only recently the Borghese-Cavazza family opened it to the public for limited guided garden and villa tours from April to October. The history of the island dates back to […]

Cauliflower? Really?

   Cauliflower (cavolfiore in Italian) was one of those vegetables I ate but never liked. My mother cooked it only one way – steamed – which rendered it relatively tasteless and the kitchen smelling like…you know…  So I never made it for my family because they all professed to dislike it probably because the few times I made it for them it was steamed, tasteless and the house smelled. So imagine I bring a shopping bag full of terrific Ortensia Blu goodies to Marla […]