Olive Oil Harvest & Pressing-La Spremitura Delle Olive (Part 1)

The drive from Verona was picturesque and traveling up the road to Residence San Rocco, I heard a gentle buzzing noise – louder than an airplane but quieter than a lawn mower. I got out of my (very fun) rental car and smack dab in the middle of the olive grove, I saw the first step in what I had traveled to Italy to see  – the harvesting and pressing of olive oil at Frantoio Manestrini. The adventure was about […]

Cooking with Diva in Montepulciano

It was like a top secret mission – we were told to be at Sant’Agnese, the 14th century church located outside the ancient walls of Montepulciano at 5:30 pm and a driver would meet us. When we arrived at the church a man was standing there.  He glanced furtively at us and after a few minutes he quietly asked us if we were waiting for a ride.  I nodded yes and as I turned away, I noticed a couple walking […]

Spiedo at La Torre

The day was gorgeous – sunny, blue sky with a few puffy clouds and my friend Deborah from the Strada dei Vini e dei Sapori del Garda and I were headed to La Torre Vineyards in the province of Brescia (Brescia is the province in Italy that borders the western end of Lake Garda and is located in Lombardy).  Yes we were going for the wine, but we were also going for what Deborah promised me was an authentic Brescian […]