Paradise Cake

La Torta Paradiso (Paradise Cake)~Maria Callas Style

Share this…The year I graduated from college and moved to New York, I had a fall ticket series to the New York City Opera with a work friend. I didn’t know much about opera and still don’t, but seeing the magnificent performances of Madame Butterfly and Tosca at Lincoln Center are forever etched in my memory. That was a very long time ago and the big names were and still are world-renowned stars and today Andrea Boccelli’s voice absolutely makes me […]


Postcards from Prosecco

Share this…From drinking Prosecco in the vineyards of Valdobbiadene to boating through the Venetian lagoon, we experienced it all.  Prosecco was the theme of our trip and included many glasses of the sparkling wine, but we also dug a little deeper into this extraordinary region, northwest of Venice. We had an absolutely fantastic group of people who experienced first hand some of the things that makes this corner of Italy so special. If you’re on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, you’ve seen a handful of […]

Esse Buranei or Bussola

Esse Buranei and Bussolà (Cookies from Burano)

Share this…  My trip through the Venetian Lagoon was phenomenal and the stunning sites and scenery will be forever etched in my mind. Especially the food. And of course the Prosecco. When I see something wonderful to eat, my heart beats just a little bit faster. In the case of the sensational Fritto Misto (fried squid and shrimp) served on the boat, it was pounding. And it continued racing with the first bite of the Risotto Gò. But it slowed to its normal rate when the plate […]