Group in Vineyard on Prosecco TourMother Nature is a strange bird – one year ago the grape harvest was in full swing for our Prosecco Tour. This year, the long hot summer delayed the harvest a week which the experts say will make for an excellent Prosecco year. Seeing the vines full and heavy with juicy grapes ripening in the glorious Italian sunshine is truly a sight to behold.

Listening to the magnificent voice Andrea Bocelli under the stars in the famous piazza in Marostica, cruising the Venetian lagoon by boat with a glass of Prosecco in hand, making authentic pizza with the master in addition to sipping Prosecco in the vineyard with the wine makers, are just a few of the noteworthy highlights of our trip.

We saw and experienced so much on our Prosecco tour…including, of course, drinking many glasses of fabulous Prosecco. Seven incredible people became fast friends and shared lots of laughs. You may not have been there to taste the food (can you believe we ate a lot?), drink the wine or see the sights, but I hope these pictures say a few thousand words.

Sharing these adventures with others is what I love – I hope to see you next year!Drinking Prosecco on Boat in Venice for Prosecco TourDelicious Dinner for Prosecco TourProsecco on the Grand Canal for Prosecco TourCooking Class on Prosecco TourBurano on Prosecco TourMaking Pizza on Prosecco TourGrappa Toast on Prosecco TourCannoli on Prosecco TourPizzaiola on Prosecco TourMarket on Prosecco TourProsecco Grapes on Prosecco TourMaking Risotto on Prosecco TourLunch on Prosecco TourWaiting for Andrea Bocelli on Prosecco TourVineyard on Prosecco TourPizza Margarita on Prosecco TourToasting with Prosecco on Prosecco Tour

Stay tuned for our 2017 schedule – we’d love to have you join us!



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    Lynne Marino


    Laney – looks like a fantastic trip! We’re missing you at EWC – hope to see you soon! Lynne

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