Spritz and Pirlo

“What type of Pirlo would you like?” asked Nicoletta as we were sitting at a quiet outdoor café with a view of Lake Garda in the distance. “With Campari or Aperol?” Well, since I didn’t know what the heck a Pirlo was I said I’d try one of each.  I soon learned that a Pirlo is an aperitif made with ice, Campari or Aperol, Prosecco, a bit of soda water (club soda, seltzer) called “selz”, a slice of orange…and voilà you have a Pirlo…or is it a Spritz? Well, it depends exactly where you’re imbibing because the same aperitif has two different names depending on where in Northern Italy you’re drinking- Brescia or the Veneto.

Caffe Club in Montebelluno Campari and Aperol

In the Veneto, it’s a Spritz and they might not know what you’re talking about if you asked for a Pirlo and vice versa. Whatever you call it, it’s a refreshing and light cocktail that blends the fruit and herbal flavors of the liquor (Campari or Aperol) with the sparkles and bubbles of Prosecco. Invented in 1860, Campari with its dark red color, has a pleasant bitter essence flavor with an alcoholic content over 20%. Owned by Campari, bright orange colored Aperol, created in 1919, has 11% alcohol. Both spirits are made with a multitude of top secret herbs so in my opinion, for sure they have medicinal purposes.

Campari and Aperol Spritz and Pirlo

Giorgio shows us how to make a Spritz (scroll down) at his bar Caffe Club ( Via Alessandro Manzoni 23, Montebelluna) in the Veneto. But if his bar was located in Brescia, he’d be creating a Pirlo.  So call it what you want…try it with Campari, then try another with Aperol. Let me know …

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  3. Reply

    Laney, my mouth is watering…I need one of these gorgeous cocktails right now! How refreshing to sip on during this crazy hot weather we’ve been having. I love that this has prosecco in it too. Actually, what I love even more is having all of the ingredients on hand to make it! Is in 5 o’clock yet? 😉

  4. Adr


    No matter what you call it, I’m having one. I prefer Aperol over Campari most times, but if Campari is being poured, then I’m good with that. And besides, with all those herbs, well it just must be good for us, right???

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