Salò, ItalyIf you’ve followed my blog for a while, you know about our planned five day October adventure to tour the stunning Lake Garda region of Italy. And if you’re on Facebook, you saw just a glimpse of this incredible trip with our group of nine adventurous and extraordinarily nice people. With almost 1,000 photos on my camera and added to that the photos taken by everyone else, we have a very well documented experience. From our home base in Desenzano, we toured so many interesting places, feasted on exceptional food while consuming an abundance of remarkable local wine.  I feel so fortunate to have had such an amazing group of people who came along on our first tour.  From the bottom of my heart, I thank everyone who joined Deborah and I for our Virgin tour of Lake Garda. I hope you enjoy a few snapshots of our unforgettable trip…and stay tuned for information on our Spring 2015 Lake Garda Experience Tour.

 Mother Nature was on our side for our visit to Isola del Garda.Isola del Garda

Isola del Garda

A picture perfect day at Isola del Garda.

 And she was still kind for the 85th Bardolino Grape and Wine Festival.

Bardolino Grape and Wine Festival

Cincin! Saluti! And let’s try this!

Cooking with Flavio and Michele at the Manestrini family’s San Rocco was a real treat!


Cooking at San Rocco

Look what we made! And sautéed veal, polenta and tiramisu, too…

And a little history with a visit to the city of Brescia…

Brescia, Italy

Brescia is UNESCO World Heritage site with history everywhere we looked.

More food, wine and charming towns…

Lake Garda Experience

New friends exploring a beautiful region of Italy together for an unforgettable experience – I hope you’ll join us next year!

Sunset over Lake Garda

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    • Laney

      It was an amazing trip Adri! Everyone had a great time seeing new places, meeting new people…and of course the food!

  1. Cristina



    Laney this group seems so happy! I think you managed to perfectly convey your love and your passion for Italy and italian food and wine!

    • Laney

      It was so much fun for me Cristina because this is absolutely what I love to do – share the love and enthusiasm with such a nice group of people!

  2. monica busatto

    monica busatto


    I followed you on facebook day by day and I saw all the wonderful places you visited in the Lake Garda Area. Excellent food and wine. You could tell by the smiles that everyone was having a great time. My compliments for your success in organizing such a fabulous tour!

    • Laney

      Glad to hear that you followed along, Monica and the photos were just a mere glimpse of everything we did, saw and ate. Yes, food and wine galore and lots of smiles from a really wonderful group of people. Thanks for your high praise!

  3. Fell in love with Lake Garda


    Laney and Deborah,

    Nice photos! A PERFECT trip! My husband and I so enjoyed ourselves so much. The small size group was so diverse and fun to get to know. The outings you planned for us were cultural, fun or informative. The food was unbelievable! And the wine , prosecco and spritzers were something we never tired of! I hope to join you on another trip in the near future.

    • Laney

      We’re so glad you and Scott were able to join us Roseann and that you had such a great time! The people are what make the trip successful and you two were a hit with absolutely everything. Thanks for coming along and we look forward to seeing you on another adventure soon!

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